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Chiropractic Techniques

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Our Chiropractic Philosphy

The chiropractic philosophy continues to be the belief that optimal health is connected throughout the body, and focusing on the nervous system, and thereby, neurological and musculoskeletal integrity, it promotes the body to maintain a mind-muscle-body connection. At Revive Chiropractic believe that the root of what is causing pain and discomfort should be evaluated and addressed in order to begin the healing process. We will work with you to identify and treat problems with back pain, neck pain, sciatica, headaches, injuries, and anything else that you need help with.

ProAdjuster 360, chiropractic machine to adjust with adjustments. Uses computer aided adjustments

ProAdjuster 360

The ProAdjuster 360 is a state of the art technology that has been used by chiropractors around the world. This technology has the ability to scan your spine and display what needs to be adjusted on a screen. It uses small impulses to adjust the restricted areas of the spine determined by the pre scan. After the adjustment is performed, an after scan is shown on the screen to see the difference. This is a great approach to being gently adjusted without and cracking popping or uncomfortable twisting, and can be used with other conditions that would be less than ideal with manual chiropractic.

If the traditional chiropractic technique is what you are seeking, our hill drop table will cater to that approach. It is also a flexion-distraction table that can be manually manipulated to bend and alleviate pain associated with disc issues and other low back problems.

Hill Chiropractic Adjusting Table, also provides flexion and distraction to alleviate disc pain and other back pain

Manual Approach & Flexion

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